Belly Dance Music

A selection of my favorite belly dance music for practice and performance (Amazon UK links unless otherwise noted).


MP3 album of classic Egyptian belly dance songs. Various Artists. Rich orchestral arrangements (no vocals). Useful for modern Egyptian style performance or practice.



MP3 album of short, pop-ish Egyptian songs for belly dance. Various artists.  No vocals. Ideal for practice.


MP3 album of folk style belly dance music from Egyptian group the Zamalek Musicians. Useful for folk style practice or performance.


(Amazon USA) MP3 album early in the Bellydance Superstar series. Great mix of vocal and instrumental tracks for practice and performance in multiple styles.


MP3 album of funky belly dance beats (various artists). Great for fusion or Western audiences. Mixture of vocal and instrumental.


(Amazon USA) MP3 album in the Bellydance Superstar series (various artists). More fun tunes suitable for class practice and Western audiences. Mixture of vocal and instrumental.


Audio CD of orchestral Egyptian arrangements (no vocals) by master British-Egyptian percussionist Hossam Ramzy. Works for modern-Egyptian style class or practice.


MP3 album of rhythm instrumental tracks from American band Gypsy Caravan. Great for learning different Arabic rhythms.


MP3 double album of beautiful classical instrumental songs recorded live by British-Egyptian group the Layali El Sharq Ensemble. Ideal for improvisation practice to (recorded) live music.


MP3 album of fun shaabi pop from Egyptian singer Saad. Suitable for a shaabi style performance or a fun boogie.


MP3 album, vintage oriental fantasy fusion style by Mosavo. Great for veil.


MP3 album of taqasims (improvised, solo, free-flowing instrumentals) by various Egyptian artists, featuring traditional Egyptian instruments. Great for improvisation and musicality practice.


MP3 album of lush, modern orchestral arrangements in an Egyptian "Golden Era" style by the Ferqat Al Tooras Orchestra. Suitable for a Golden Era style performance or class.


MP3 album of Turkish style belly dance music by Armenian-American and Turkish-American musicians Richard Hagopian, Omar Faruk Tekbilek, Yuri Yunakov, Arto Tunçboyaciyan, and Ara Dinkjian. Recommended for Turkish style performance or practice.


MP3 album of Egyptian popular music by shaabi star Hakim. Great for beginners.


MP3 album of evocative instrumental music by Armen Kusikian. Some songs great for veil and lyrical oriental solos.


MP3 album of crisp, fiery drum solos by master British-Egyptian percussionist Hossam Ramzy. Great for a drum solo performance or class practice.


MP3 album of fun, fast Turkish music. Orchestral arrangements (no vocals). Adnan Karaduman main musician. Recommended for Turkish style performance.


MP3 album of belly dance style Christmas tunes by Arab-American band Brothers of Baladi. Instrumental. Brilliant for a December hafla or Christmas-themed class.


MP3 album from Arab-American musician Dr Samy Farag. Mix of vocal and instrumental tracks. Most are "complete belly dance routines" suitable for solo performance.


(Amazon USA) MP3 album of Egyptian Zar music (a ritual dance for driving away evil spirits). Useful for cultural insight. Not suitable for performance. Audio CD edition contains an informative booklet about the zar ritual.