About Me

I fell in love with belly dance when a friend dragged me along to a class in college. After shimmying, circling, and twisting for an hour to fun, fascinating music, I was hooked. I love exercising my body and brain to express joy through dance. The variety in belly dance is endless - music, styles, props, costumes ... it's impossible to be bored.

After several years of learning as a student, I decided to train as a belly dance teacher to share my love of dance with others and to help people develop their creative belly dance skills. I offer belly dance classes and workshops to adults of all ages and abilities in the greater Belfast area.

As a student, I have attended regular belly dance classes with local teachers Sara McDonald, Joanna McClean, and Adele Glenn. I have attended many specialist workshops with national and international belly dance teachers. I currently attend Skype private lessons with Galit Mersand.

I have completed the ‘JWAAD Safe Delivery of Belly Dance Classes’ course, a One Awards accredited Level 3 qualification. I have public liability insurance for dance teaching. I am a qualified first aider.

Want more info about belly dance? I recommend for all things belly dance.